Web Development

This should not be confused with Website production. The latter is largely a graphic design exercise, while Web Development can be considered as extending your business systems to the Internet.
This allows your staff, or external customers and suppliers to interact with you in pre-defined ways, either through the access to information, or by the 'supply' of information, thus reducing your data-entry function.
The 'supply' of information may be either through manual entry, or integration with third-party systems and applications.

Bespoke Software

We specialise in development using Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL Server.
Our own products have been developed using these technologies, demonstrating our committment to, and experience with the Microsoft product range.

Internet Hosting Services

We provide Internet hosting and consultancy services through our LegalISP brand.

Web Development Example

Click for larger Web Example image. required an interactive facility to allow their clients to carry out simple Fire Risk Assessments without the need for a site visit.