About Pennik

Pennik Limited is an application development and support company, specialising in the legal profession.

Established in 2000, we provide our services either directly to the client, or on the bahalf of third parties.

Our specialisations lie in the following main areas;

  • Bespoke application design and development
  • Pro-File LPA, Wills & Probate Case Management
  • Internet Hosting and related Technologies
  • Digital Dictation and Speech Processing
  • Telephone Support Services
We employ only qualified staff, with in some cases over 40 years of application design and development experience.

Microsoft Partner

We specialise in development using Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL Server.

Our own products have been developed using these technologies, demonstrating our committment to, and experience with the Microsoft product range.

As a Microsoft Registered Partner we have access to their most recent products and technologies.